Toronto Twilight
We Meet Every Other Wednesday at 7 PM
Wallace Gastropub
1954 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON  M4S 1Z4
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January 2020
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Welcome to the Toronto Twilight Rotary Club
Our club members are dedicated people who share a passion for community service and friendship. Becoming a Rotarian connects you with a diverse group who share your drive to give back.
Club Stories
Toronto Twilight partnered with Toronto East Rotary Club and Woodgreen to participate in Meals on Wheels on Christmas Day. President Nick Ryall and guests Arman and Jake delivered 5 meals and gifts in the Danforth and Main area. 
We had a great member turnout for our last meeting of 2019 along with 4 guest. Our speaker was Dr. Christopher Rutty who took us through the history of Polio, specifically in Canada. That means we somehow focused on AIDS and Polio in December, Rotary's Disease Prevention Month! After the great discussion, happy bucks, and Twilight Trivia, the club sponsored apps for everyone to stick around and enjoy some much needed fellowship before the holidays. Happy Holidays from all of us here at Toronto Twilight! Reminder, their will be no meeting on January 1!

You can access Chris' PowerPoint presentation file via - http://healthheritageresearch.com/clients/docs/PolioHistory-TorontoTwilightRotary/

It was a great day at the annual Holidays Helpers event, a service event Toronto Twilight has participated for the past 10 years. With 12 representatives of Toronto Twilight, our group of all ages wrapped gifts for four separate families. Whether it was toys, clothes, kitchen items or toiletries, Twilight found ways to wrap all sorts of interesting shapes. Thank you to all who turned out and thank you to past-president Holly for setting this up for our club once again!
It was a light turnout at our December 4th meeting but the five that turned out stayed late enjoying great conversation and one or two drinks. President Nick, also Chair of RADAR in District 7070, took the opportunity to discuss the recent World AIDS Day event that occurred on December 1. The club also enjoyed another round of Twilight Trivia and took the opportunity to discuss the upcoming 10-year anniversary party celebrating Toronto Twilight's 10th birthday. Keep February 22, 2020 on your calendars open! 
The Rotary Club of Toronto Twilight discussed plans for the 10th Anniversary Party and Andrew Milroy’s (President-Elect) plans for club activity and direction for the next Rotary year during its meeting on November 20. At the meeting, which was hosted by Andrew, he discussed how he would like to have a BBQ fundraiser in the summer along with a small fundraiser involving a headshot photoshoot. Ideas for the 10th Anniversary were shared and it was agreed that the event itself would be similar to the format of a fellowship event night with Past-Presidents as speakers. It will be a chance for fellowship with old and new members and a chance to talk about previous club involvement and activities along with the opportunity for members to become reacquainted.
Though it was a low turnout at our annual Good Shepherd event, our longest term members once again supported this great event by helping sort clothing and food donated over the Thanksgiving holidays and helped prepare a meal. 
On November 6th, we were lucky enough to host Jill Andrew, MPP of the Toronto-St. Paul - the riding in which our club resides. Outside of her amazing talk we were happy to host a number of different guests who helped us raise money for the club through Twilight Trivia to which our Sgt. @ Arms Diane was the big winner. A big thank you has to go to President-elect Andrew for finding us the Uptown Pub in the last minute!
Jill Andrew is an award-winning equity advocate, inclusive fashion educator, writer, speaker and columnist. As the co-founder of Body Confidence Canada, Jill advocates to end size and appearance-based discrimination, harassment and bullying. Jill is a community co-owner of Glad Day Bookshop - the world's oldest LGBT bookstore. She has been an avid volunteer and donor to organizations across the GTA, supporting racialized communities, youth, women, chronic health and queer advocacy through community engagement, education, employment, healthcare and the arts.  Jill has a Master’s Degree in Women & Gender Studies from the University of Toronto, and is a PhD candidate at York University.
Nick was lucky enough to volunteer with the Rotaract Club of Toronto Danforth on Saturday at the Fort York Food Bank. It's amazing to see how this vibrant club has taken the bull by the horns on this initiative creating a delicious meal for the clientele and bringing a good amount of volunteers. A big shout-out to President Fabiha who was our head chef (although praise went out to our member CJ for teaching the club a few tricks) and her team for working hard but bringing a sense of enjoyment to the service event. This month we cooked chili served with rice or pasta, roasted potatoes, and salad. 
Toronto Twilight saw an unbelievable turnout at this years District Conference in Muskoka. Kelsey, Diane, Tess, Nick, Joanne, Mary, and Andrew reconnected, reflected, and relaxed as they took in the sights and sounds of 7070's biggest event of the year. Tess and Nick even had booths in the House of Friendship as they promoted their missions and work with ShelterBox and Radar, respectively. Speakers included Amanda Lindhout and Erin Davis and when not sitting through sessions, club members enjoyed Okotoberfest, a few games of pool, nature walks, spa pools, Games Night, Home Hospitality Rooms, a sing-a-long and dance-off, and great conversation about our favorite subject: Rotary.
President Nick was able to take in the flag raising ceremony at City Hall for the EndPolioNow campaign, led by our esteemed Polio District Chair Jennifer Boyd. If you have time  and are downtown on Queen West, check out the CN Tower and the Toronto Sign as they will be lit up in the EndPolioNow campaign colours of Red, White, and Yellow!